Wordless Wednesday: Prom Date

June 24, 2015 in Family, Wordless Wednesday by The Get Fit Mom

The Get Fit Big Guy and his prom date, Alyssa.

Prom Date

Workout Wednesday: The Big Girl’s Workout

April 22, 2015 in Fitness, Series, Workout Wednesday by The Get Fit Mom

Let’s face facts here, the bigger you are the more likely you are going to have the confidence to hit the gym. It’s going to be even more intimidating when you don’t know what a particular machine does, or when you need to walk up to someone for assistance or advice. I created The Big Girl’s Workout to make going to the gym or exercising at home a little less intimidating and a lot less confusing.

All you need is:

A bench or chair
A set of dumbbells (Start of with the lightest weight that will allow you to do 10 reps of the same exercise)

When I created this workout, I intended on doing 3 sets with 10-20 reps. Now for a total newbie to working out, you might be wondering what is a rep? What is a set?

A Rep

A rep is short for repetition. This is how many times you do the exercise over and over again

A Set

A set is an amount of reps that you do at one time.

For example: You do dumbbell curls 10 times then stop. That is 10 repetitions and 1 set. You do it another 10 times  and stop. That is 10 repetitions and 2 sets. And so on..

This workout is great for a beginner and although is called The Big Girl’s Workout, it is suitable for anyone of any size or someone looking to take a light day or easier day at the gym.


Give Your Own Gift This Mother’s Day

April 15, 2015 in Family by The Get Fit Mom

Halfway into April and I am already getting in gear for the slew of Mother’s Day advertisement convincing me that 1. my mother needs to have the latest invention to make her cooking better. And 2. that I need to have something in my household cleaning repertoire to make my tedious tasks easier.  What about giving myself my own gift this Mother’s Day?

Give Your Own Gift This Mother's Day

A while back I wrote a post about what I did to get a little “Me Time“. It included a few different ideas about what I used to enjoy doing before The Get Fit Baby was born. I recently came across an article from iMom about 31 Ideas for Mom’s Daily “Me Time”. As I looked through the list, I began to realize that some of these ideas where really simple and that if I could get at least one of them a day into my life, I might be a more productive, happier (but still overstressed) mom.

Read the full article here: 31 Ideas for Mom’s Daily “Me Time