Five Senses of Autumn

September 26, 2014 in Challenges by The Get Fit Mom

Favorite Fall Picture

This is a photo that I took about four years ago while I was on a Sunday drive with my sister. The most amazing part about this picture was that I captured the beauty of the leaves and the clarity of everything Autumn in this picture, while we were in a moving car.

I love how you can see the different variations of colors that change throughout the leaves each passing year. Some Autumns the temperature change happens so rapidly that you go from seeing green leaves one day to no leaves the next. Time does not stand still. And Autumn is a perfect time to remember this, and if for only one moment, stop. And stare at the leaves.

I love how you can hear the slight change in pitch of the wind as it moves through open windows in your house. Somehow Autumn winds blow at a more calming and settled pace. The pitch is not filled with humidity or the rapidness of summer approaching, but rather that of the cool winter months coming; warning you to prepare for hibernation from the impending bitter cold.

I love the smell of apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. The cinnamon and brown sugar medleys whip through the house and into the air. Every so often you stop and take a deep breath to inhale the sweetness of the creation you are making.

I love the taste of everything associated with Autumn. Apples, pumpkins, turkey, gravy… The mere thought of Thanksgiving dinner within a few weeks is exciting! The food that everyone brings, the same dishes made with family variations are all waiting on that morning for the biggest dinner of the year.

I love the feeling of the crisp air that Autumn brings. The temperatures drop steadily from mid 70’s to high 60’s to mid 60’s and eventually settling into a bitter, yet sweet low 60 degrees. Enough where you can wear a sweater over your outfit and matching scarf adorned with a vintage brooch.

In case you couldn’t tell, Autumn is my favorite season. I will always like the Winter months and love seeing the snowfall while children build snowmen and make snow angels. I will always love seeing snow boots covered with slush and snow sitting at the doorstep from the last person to enter the house. I will especially love seeing children’s faces light up when they hear that school is cancelled for the day (despite how much longer they need to attend in summer).

But my heart will always be settled in Autumn. To me it is the perfect time of year where all five of my senses combine to create lasting memories and fictional stories of what the perfect Autumn day is like.

Complete with car rides with my sister, hearing the howl of the warning wind. Eating those pies that were baking in the oven. The cool breeze passing through my house carrying the sweet and savory smells of Thanksgiving dinner. And feeling that magic number of 60, that let’s me know comfort, cuddles, and candy canes are on the way.

Keep Calm and Get a Keurig 2.0

September 24, 2014 in Randomness by The Get Fit Mom

Keep Calm and Turn Your Keurig On

Influenster sent me a Keurig 2.0 that I have been going crazy over! I made a few beginner tutorials about the some new key features of the Keurig 2.0. Stay tuned for the full review!

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September Blogging Goals

September 15, 2014 in Family by The Get Fit Mom

September Blogging Goals {VIA}

I have this motivational quote as my wallpaper to my cellphone.

I found this topic over at The SitsGirls under Writing Prompts for September. I love looking through their writing prompt ideas and get my gears turning. After going to the Women Get Social Philadelphia conference, I began looking at my blog and my blogging goals a little differently.

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Everything requires baby steps, however I feel like my blogging and blogging goals are sloth-like baby steps. I seem to start off thinking of “I need to set blogging goals”. Then life happens. A few days later, “I need to get back to setting those blogging goals”. Then life happens. A few days after that, “Here’s a piece of paper, let me get started on setting those goals”.

Being a mother, working, and trying to find balance is nearly impossible, because balance doesn’t really exist. And when you try to find balance in blogging and family, it really doesn’t exist. There is no way, I am going to be able to write my blogging goals (or a post) and give even 65% of my attention to The Get Fit Baby.

So I take the time when I get it.

This morning, I am thinking about my September blogging goals.

I’m going to stick with only three because I know adding more to my plate will only discourage me, if one- let alone ten don’t get accomplished. Besides I have so many other goals that need accomplishing in my personal life, that I need to keep it simple.

  • What do I what to achieve by the end of the month?

By the end of the month I want to have a clear understanding of what my editorial calendar is going to look like for October and if possible, November. I want to have things planned on my editorial calendar and I want to have consistent content to provide to my readers. I love having my series running, such as Fitness Fashion Friday, Motivational Mondays and Workout Wednesdays. They ensure that I will always have something to write and you to read. They are usually fun, easy-to-read pieces that give you health, fitness, and fashion tips.

  • Where do I want to be in my achievement timeline by the end of the month

By the end of the month I want to have every title or series idea listed on my editorial calendar. I want to know what is being posted on each day and how I can either work around it, or through it based on my life’s challenges.

  • What will I settle for? Is settling an option?

I am pretty good at settling. I tend to have low expectations in general in my life. It’s not that I don’t want that mansion in the middle of the woods with the 10 feet high windows that have no curtains, but there’s no one around to look in anyway. It’s just that I have always felt that if I keep my end point attainable, then not hitting it won’t be such a let down. Is settling an option this time? No. I am going to make it my priority to have my editorial calendar planned for the next two months. I want to write. I want you to come back and read. I want to have a blog that is crack-a-lackin with visitors. This time settling is not going to get me there.

What are your September goals?