How I Lost 10 Pounds

July 27, 2015 in Fitness, Health by The Get Fit Mom

I recently told you about how I started going back (again) to the gym and signed up for Weight Watchers. If you didn’t know about that little event you read about it right here. Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale at the gym last week and recorded my weight, realizing I lost 10 pounds. Honestly, it wasn’t a huge surprise, since an initial weight loss is usually just water retention, nonetheless, it was a weight loss.

I was totally shocked by the weight loss, that I took a photo of the scale and sent it to my sister and The Get Fit Dad just to get a second (and third!) confirmation of the number on the scale.

What I Did That I Lost 10 Pounds?

For starters I actually followed the Weight Watchers points plan. I eyeballed my portions, because through the years of the 472 different diets I’ve done, I can do that. I tracked what I ate. I didn’t overeat. And I actually ATE! The last being something that I realized I didn’t do enough of.

After the first week I was amazed with how much food I was actually able to eat. And through the realization that I wasn’t eating food of substantial value and not eating enough food, I figured that eating good food and more of it, was not a bad thing.

Along with eating more and sticking to the Weight Watchers plan I lost 10 pounds by adding more exercise to my day. Even though I still haven’t had a strict routine down, I was able to continue sweating and I kept making the effort.

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Over this past weekend I set myself up for an intro to a personal trainer. I’m always hesitant to having a personal trainer, because I have had nothing but less than positive results with one. I was actually happy when I met my trainer. He was a young guy, who oddly enough reminded me of The Get Fit Big Guy. I wasn’t intimidated by him, and he was actually rather complementary to me. He told me motivating things about how he could help me, not necessarily lose weight, but achieve my desire to be a bodybuilder.

I have found my perfect combination of exercise and diet that has helped me lose weight. My trainer told me it’s 70% diet and 30% gym. But I can tell you it’s 100% ME!

What are your tips for losing a little weight?

Self Improvement

July 7, 2015 in Randomness by The Get Fit Mom

I am the type of person that is always looking to self improve myself. Whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually, or through a hobby. Recently I have been noticing that I wanted to have more self improvement than usual. Sometimes I have to take a step back and wonder whether my self-improvement is actually a goal, or a way to be a better person.

Cat with Lion's Self Improvement

I can tell you right off the cuff the few things that I’ve been thinking and how they are affecting my self-esteem and vision of self improvement.


I’m the assistant manager at my job, and I love my job, however based on the experience I have as a manager I am feeling let down. I am not being given the chance to excel and show my upper management what I am capable of doing. I tend to think that my job gets boring, because I can be making more improvements each day, but feel as if I am stepping on toes if I do. I think that this form of self improvement is borderline communication, and self-confidence.

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This one really got to me the other day to a point where if I didn’t focus on my workout I might have just burst into tears in the middle of the gym. I saw two young(er) girls at the gym working out together. Clearly they were dressed as if they just stepped out of a Shape magazine article. The girls had flashy and fun exercise bags (IMO- Gaudy), cute outfits, and each other. It made me begin to think of where my social life really is. Currently I have many acquaintances at work, some of which I loosely consider friends since I can talk to them so freely and frequently. But after work, I come home to my family and I don’t get the chance to have a workout partner at the gym. Let alone a friend to grab coffee with afterwards.


This one is not so much about self improvement as it is about patience. To get healthy, lose weight or tighten and tone, you need to be patient. You didn’t get to where you’re at in one day and you won’t get to where you’re going in one day either. But I expect to see results in an unreasonable amount of time. Sure I’m feeling better and my clothes are fitting a bit looser, but stepping on the scale and seeing a drop of a pound, is an achievement, but a small one. Hey, At least I didn’t gain it, right!?


What feels like many moons ago, I used to attend many spiritual meetings to discuss spiritual topics and socially connect with like-minded people. I was even able to get The Get Fit Dad to go to a few meetings. After The Get Fit Baby was born, all that stopped. A screeching, tire streaking STOP! I miss having in-depth conversations about topics that have little to no facts, but allow my mind to think and engage in the what-ifs in life. I am lucky to work with a gentle soul at work who is wpitually connected and has given me basic tips on how to get back into the spiritual scenes.

I want to start with one all of these areas of self improvement, but realistically it’s probably best for me to decide which area is either the easiest to work on, or the most important to me.

What areas do you want to improve on?

Back to the Gym

July 2, 2015 in Fitness, Health by The Get Fit Mom

I can remember writing a post a while back about how excited I was to finally find the perfect gym. Well, guess what? I’m back to the gym! It’s not the original one that I was signed up for, but it’s a local gym that is actually called an athletic club. I kind of like the sound of that. It makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger than just being back to the gym. Like hanging out with a group or people, ya know. A club. 


My Motivator

In my attempt to get a more than moderate exercise routine going, I decided to focus on three days a week. Well, to be honest, I have been using the iPhone app Pact, which is an incentive based program that tracks different healthy habits, one being working out. I’ve goaled myself to working out 3 days a week and if I miss a day, I have to pay $10 per day missed. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m already paying for a gym membership, I can’t afford to pay $10 to people going to the gym, while I sit home!

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My Workout Routines

I haven’t found my perfect routine, but I am getting very close. I used to work out with The Get Fit Dad and we had super strict workouts where we were powerlifting and working out hardcore. Now the only thing that’s hardcore is my sliced apple! So since I’m going three days a week, I’ve come up with the following workout plan:

Day 1: Legs and Rowing

Day 2: Arms (Bis and Tris) and Rowing

Day 3: Chest and Back and Rowing

Now typically I should be adding other body parts in, like my flabby post-baby belly and core. But I am starting off slow and working my way up to a more advanced routine.

Losing Weight Starts in the Kitchen

I’m pretty sure that you have seen or heard the ultra motivational quote “Losing weight starts in the kitchen” implying that your eating or cooking behaviors need to change in order to lose weight. And I agree.

After all it’s

80% food + 20% exercise = 100% healthier you!

I received a wonderful recommendation from a person who is already at a good weight and has a fit and body that looks good in a two-piece, that Weight Watchers has been working for her. Since I’m game to trying just about any diet or food plan at this point, I decided to give it a go! Her pitch to me was so convincing that I joined that day! I’ve been doing it for a week now and have lost 4 pounds.

I’m not even joking when I tell you my clothes are fitting better, I have more energy, and my self-esteem in better. There’s a special feeling of knowing that you lost a few pounds. Looking in the mirror and seeing a thinner face and feeling more room in my clothes is a good feeling.

Coming Soon…

No. It’s not a trailer for a movie. And NO! It’s not another baby! It’s my new self! For once I want to stick to something and see the results. Feel the results. Be the results. One day I want to tell people, “Yea I weighed a lot more, but I lost weight and feel great”. So as I begin yet another round of weight loss options, I am going to attempt (I attempt a lot of things. Like trying to keep up with this blog) to keep you informed on my progress both on the scale and off the scale.

And in the meantime, if anyone needs a buddy, email me! Because when those cookies are staring back at me, one of the two of us are going to attack each other.